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How to buy the right seaweed?


As one of the most important economic algae in China, Porphyra is widely cultivated in Fujian, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other coastal areas. There are many kinds of laver, such as the more common laver, altar laver, round laver, long laver, ganlaver, etc. Laver can be made into 20g pure laver,30g pure pan seaweed,50g pure laver,100g pure seaweed for soup after drying, and laver can be made into nori, after deep processing can also be made into sandwich seaweed and other kinds of nori food, more popular, exported to the world. So, wholesale laver to pay attention to what problems?

Nori price is important, of course, after knowing the price at the same time, also need to identify the level of laver, the higher the grade, the higher the price, the lower the level, the lower the price, such as TouShui laver, also is one of the first harvest of seaweed, more fresh in taste, quality excellent, the price is, therefore, the price of nori need combined with quality.

Want to purchase to cost-effective seaweed, because of the demand according to oneself, choose appropriate levels of seaweed, if seaweed is used to make high quality of seasoning seaweed, can choose a few fresh seaweed, although the price is higher, but wins in taste, is healthy, also slightly higher will also have many consumers will buy products, and if you want to make sushi nori, you need to use the toughness good seaweed, Avoid rolling sushi break, can choose laver quality according to the price, consumers can buy on demand.

Different products use different laver varieties and grades, from the point of demand, the procurement of cost-effective and appropriate laver.