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Why buy seaweed sandwich instead of potato chips?


Work, leisure time can eat some snacks to increase a little fun, not only can let the body from fatigue but also can alleviate the loneliness in the mouth, there are many kinds of snacks, all kinds of seaweed sandwich, nuts, potato chips, latigo, etc., a variety of snacks compete to appear in people's vision. Let's take a look at the seaweed sandwich that most people love.

Seaweed sandwiches and chips are crispy, salty, and rich enough to satisfy most people's needs. But unlike potato chips, a seaweed sandwich doesn't have as much seasoning and doesn't feel like a dry mouth. Potato chips add a lot of seasonings in the production process, after eating the hand is powder oil, seaweed sandwiches made by baking process, low heat, and potato chips are made by unhealthy frying, and high heat, heavy taste, therefore, from the perspective of health, seaweed sandwich is healthier, worthy of recommendation.

The delicious seaweed sandwich can not only be eaten as a snack, but is also rich in B vitamins and a variety of mineral elements, delicious taste, and can supplement nutrition, so, children to the elderly can eat it. Nori comes with a variety of nut-filled seaweed sandwiches, as well as other fillings, giving consumers a wide range of flavors to choose from.