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What are the beneficial ingredients in laver?


Porphyra is a kind of economic seaweed mainly cultivated in the north sea of our country, mainly used for the production of seaweed, which needs to be processed by special techniques such as cutting, drying, and baking, while the main cultivation in the south sea is Porphyra, the seaweed is a unique pure laver variety of our country, which is made into a round cake or square dried seaweed after simple drying, Almost every family in China will buy some seaweed, used to make soup, delicious and refreshing.

Laver is rich in nutrition, containing rich protein, dietary fiber, and a variety of B vitamins and other nutrients, while nori not only has all the nutrients of common laver but is also rich in iodine, selenium, and other trace elements.

Nori is easy to eat and is usually processed into thin slices. There are many other foods made from nori, including nori rolls and stuffed nori, which can be eaten in an open bag, but the regular round cake seaweed needs to be cooked before being eaten.

Lave and nori are a very popular food, taste delicious, rich in nutrition, and edible value is high.