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What aspects to choose yaki sushi nori?


As the soul of sushi, yaki sushi nori determines the taste and appearance of the sushi, for delicate sushi artists, the choice of ingredients is very harsh, often can choose seasonal fresh ingredients, sushi should pay more attention to the choice of seaweed, and as consumers we when choosing yaki sushi nori, demanding less, mainly through several aspects to pick seaweed sushi.

We need to check the appearance of the yaki sushi nori. The appearance of good quality yaki sushi nori is flat, with not too many holes, dark green color, with luster. Yaki sushi nori is generally good, if the color is purple, then the quality of yaki sushi nori has been greatly reduced, if the color is dark, the quality of yaki sushi nori is relatively poor.

We're also going to taste the yaki sushi nori. The quality of yaki sushi nori is directly related to its taste. High-quality sushi nori is tender and tender. If someone buys yaki sushi nori with odor, rough taste, poor color, and other phenomena, then it is not recommended to buy it.

When making sushi, some yaki sushi nori is easy to break because it is tender. At this time, we can take the yaki sushi nori out and put it in the air for a while, so that it can be used after slightly absorbing some water in the air.