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What are the characteristics of the appearance of yaki sushi nori?


Sushi is an exotic dish enjoyed by people around the world. Small pieces of sushi consist of nori, vinegar rice, seafood, and other ingredients, which can be paired with special sushi soy sauce and wasabi. Due to the popularity of sushi, yaki sushi nori has also been snapped up by consumers, which is an important ingredient used to make sushi. What's the difference between yaki sushi nori and our casual, seasoned nori?

The yaki sushi nori used to make sushi is slightly different from the nori flakes we usually eat. In terms of size, the size of the yaki sushi nori is about the same as the sushi curtain, slightly smaller than A4 paper, and we usually use seasoning nori is generally cut into small quick rectangles; From the appearance, the materials used for yaki sushi nori pay more attention to color and thickness, while flavoring nori emphasizes the delicious taste. Generally speaking, it is dark green with luster, compact and solid texture, no transparent hole in the middle, crisp taste, and certain toughness. This kind of yaki sushi nori is very popular in nori wholesale. Seasoned nori as a casual snack should be fresh and tasty, crunchy and interesting.

So why do people pay so much attention to appearance and texture when wholesaling yaki sushi nori? In fact, the reason is very simple, sushi is the pursuit of raw ingredients and the appearance of the coexistence of food, therefore, there are strict requirements for the appearance of yaki sushi nori color, in the rolling process of sushi selection of no holes, dense texture, elastic yaki sushi nori, not easy to break or damage.

Flavored nori as a casual snack, people pay more attention to the taste, the soft taste is the first element, with a small number of holes can also be accepted. As for flexibility, it is not an important element of seasoned nori.