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What factors affect laver prices?


Laver is not only delicious in the sense of taste, but also relatively high in the degree of nutrition. It is a common ingredient in many people's homes. So, what is the price of laver in the market?

When it comes to the price of laver, let's talk about its characteristics first. Laver is a kind of seaweed with great economic value. It grows in the sea and is usually quickly processed into dried seaweed for storage after harvesting. Laver harvesting is very interesting, like leek, after harvesting a wave, after more than ten days of growth, can harvest another wave, generally can harvest 5-6 times. Therefore, many fishermen or enterprises in the intertidal zone in coastal areas will carry out large-scale aquaculture, which is very common in Fujian, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places. The price of nori can vary depending on which batch is harvested.

The earlier the harvest batch, the fresher the laver taste, the richer the aroma and nutrition, and the higher the price of laver. Take Toushui laver as an example. The first batch of laver collected is called Toushui laver. Because such laver is very rare and of good quality, it is very popular in the market, and its price is naturally very high, up to thousands of yuan per jin.

The influence of supply and demand of nori price also is very big, delicious and fresh seaweed market demand is very big, variety, usage is different also, common on the market of seaweed streak laver and altar laver, among them, the streak of seaweed is used to make the raw material of seaweed, seaweed food emerge in endlessly, in recent years, seaweed food variety, demand for streak laver is very large, And altar laver is commonly used to make dishes, pure laversuch as all kinds of laver soup, etc.

We in the procurement of laver, not only to see the price of laver, but also to see the quality of laver, high quality laver in the price is higher, is also in line with common sense, but this needs to distinguish laver to plan.