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What's the advantage of seasoned nori over yark sushi nori?


It is made of porphyra. Laver manufacturers are generally concentrated in coastal areas, such as Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places in China. Due to the special cultivation conditions of laver, it takes less than 24 hours to complete the cultivation from harvesting to processing in coastal areas.

The large pieces of seasoned nori are uncut seasoned nori. The internationally accepted size is 19*21cm, which is the same as the size of yaki sushi nori. The difference is that the seasoning liquid is added during the making of seasoned nori. In laver manufacturers, the configuration of flavoring liquid can be customized according to the requirements of each dealer, such as spicy seaweed, raw seaweed, barbecue seaweed, etc.

The taste of seasoned nori is a test of the research and development ability of laver manufacturers, and its taste directly affects the sales of seasoned nori, after all, taste is the key factor causing consumers to re-purchase, and plays an important role in winning the market for products. Currently, seasoned nori can be used not only as a snack, but also as a side meal, such as pork bone ramen or Japanese lunch, to add flavor to food.

Compared to yaki sushi nori, seasoned nori has a variety of flavors and a wider consumer base, which can also be used to make sushi. Laver factory manufacturers produce a variety of products, R and D strong manufacturers can quickly develop a variety of products, to help people who want to engage in kelp business to create a market, win valuable time and wealth.