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Is seaweed sandwich a recommended snack?


Seaweed sandwich is a popular small snack, many consumers will buy for children to eat, crisp taste, salty and fresh nori, and various flavors of the sandwich fusion, almost no one can resist its charm. Can not eat a seaweed sandwich? Is it a healthy snack?

Judge whether a food is healthy, first of all, to see its raw materials, and then to understand the processing technology. The ingredients of the seaweed sandwich are mainly nori, various nut fillings, and some seasonings. Generally, we usually eat sesame seaweed sandwiches mainly with nori and sesame, and almond seaweed sandwiches mainly raw materials are almonds and nori, these raw materials are nutritious food, containing many vitamins, minerals, and so on.

But in addition to looking at raw materials, but also look at the processing technology. Potato chips, for example, are made from potatoes. The potato itself is also good food, but the processing technology is not the healthy fried way, harmful to health, especially in the growing period of children, it is not recommended to eat. And then the seaweed sandwich is baked in a process that's not so hot, it's not so oily.

In terms of processing techniques and ingredients, the seaweed sandwich is relatively healthy compared to other snacks. Parents and friends can buy some for their children. However, a seaweed sandwich is a snack, it is recommended to eat between meals, if you eat too much, it will affect the child's appetite, and develop bad eating habits, therefore, eat seaweed sandwich vegetables to the right amount, but also through the formal channels to buy the quality of seaweed sandwich!