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15 seedling raising procedures to see seaweed laver return in spring



Xiapu, China, has unique natural environment and climate conditions, long coastline, numerous natural independent harbors, subtropical monsoon humid climate and unique water temperature and water quality conditions, all of which are suitable for the growth of Porphyra, and create a smooth and tender taste and high quality of Xiapu seaweed laver. In order to ensure the quality of laver from the source, Lilv group has built a 300 hectare laver breeding base in Xiapu, the hometown of China laver.


March and April of every year is the season for spring flowers and outings. At this time, the mysterious nutritionist Porphyra is cultivating in a low-key manner on the coastline of Xiapu.China. Walk into the Lilv laver breeding base to see how the magic laver is cultivated.

The laver technicians of Lilv group are very busy. They are busy playing with shells, cleaning up the nursery ponds and sprinkling laver seedlings to carry out seedling raising work for laver cultivation in autumn and winter this year. When we come to the nursery base, we can see that there are strings of shells in the pool. It turns out that Porphyra is raised through these shells. Employees are sprinkling barrels of Porphyra vaccine into the nursery pool.


When the spores of Porphyra seedlings meet the shells in the nursery pool, they will grow into filaments and spend the summer in this form. In autumn, the filaments in the shell develop and mature to form sporangium branches. After stimulation by flowing water and cooling, the shell spores will be released to the nursery pool. The shell spores attach to the net curtain, and the net curtain is put into the cultivation sea area, and then the laver will grow. This form is called the thallus. Therefore, the common Porphyra is its phyllodes, and in spring and summer, Porphyra quietly drills into the shell.


The work of raising seedlings is extremely complicated. The temperature and environment of the nursery pond are strictly controlled, and the qualified Porphyra seedlings can only be cultivated through many processes such as water release, light regulation, shell washing, fertilization and nutrition.

Lilv group is the first seaweed green food certification brand enterprise of the Ministry of agriculture. It is also the seaweed enterprise with the most green label in China. Joyfull cici has 13 laver, seaweed and sushi products are licensed by China Green Food Development Center to use green food logo. It is safe, green and high-quality food, so that you can eat at ease, comfortable, intimate.


At the same time, it has also obtained the food certification of FDA, FSSC 22000 and is a reliable factory for people.



Green food certification has strict requirements on the natural pollution-free, product production, transportation and inspection.

Joyfull CiCi is thick with sandwiched seaweed, and the best quality seaweed in laver base is selected. It is made by new baking technology. Each full nut grain has a double crispy taste. The flavor is more mellow and tempting. The most wonderful quality gives you the best tip of the tongue experience.

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