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About Us

Lilv Group is a key provincial-level leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Fujian Province. Founded in 2002, it is a large-scale agricultural and sideline product that focuses on the production of seaweed, seaweed, and meat products, and integrates breeding, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and brand promotion. Professional production enterprise for deep processing.

Xiapu County is the hometown of seaweed in China. Due to its unique geographical location and ecological environment, the quality and nutrition of the produced laver are superior to other producing areas. Lilv Group's 12, 000 acres of laver new variety seedling base and 300 hectares of laver breeding base are located here, creating a high starting point for products from the source. In addition, Lilv Group also has seaweed breeding bases in South Korea and Thailand, focusing on the purchase and storage of seaweed raw materials in South Korea and Japan, and fully guarantees domestic and foreign production, processing and sales requirements.

Lilv Group insists on innovation-driven, category upgrades, and cross-border development, leading the younger, more fashionable and higher-end development of the seaweed industry. At present, Lilv Group has a series of star products such as seasoned seaweed, seaweed rolls, and sandwich seaweed. It is the largest sales volume of Korean-style seasoned seaweed and the only manufacturer of Thai-style seaweed rolls. It has obtained 3 national invention patents and 8 utility model patents for supporting production equipment. There are more than 30 corresponding appearance products.

Standing on the international frontier, grasping the latest trends, using cutting-edge technology, and adhering to the spirit of innovation, Lilv Group will continue to lead the new fashion of seaweed consumption. As a pioneer in China's coastal industry, since 2002, Lilv Group has focused on the production and processing of leisure marine food, and has created three main businesses of seaweed, laver, and deep-sea fish products. Relying on strong location advantages and innovative research and development capabilities, we have successively introduced and improved Japanese-style seaweed, Korean seasoned seaweed, and Thai pressed seaweed production lines, and invested 1.5 million dollars to set up a product research and development inspection center to cultivate professional research and development teams, and become a rare domestic owner Enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and core technology products, in order to continue to lead the development of the industry, Lilv Group has successively established subsidiaries in Jinjiang, Xiapu, Chuzhou, South Korea, Thailand and other places to integrate domestic and foreign advanced technology and resource advantages to develop. At present, it is the only domestic seaweed production enterprise in the whole industry chain integrating breeding, R&D, manufacturing, sales brand promotion, OEM, etc. It has four independent brands of JOYFULCICI, NONG HENG, Wu BOSS, and CICI, covering the full range of high-end products.

With the continuous changes in the retail industry and channel structure, Lilv Group is actively innovating and responding to changes. The offline traditional channels continue to deepen, and more than 10, 000 sales outlets are fully covered in China. Reaching long-term cooperation, and relying on its ultra-high comprehensive strength to reach strategic cooperation with RT Mart, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Vanguard, Yonghui Supermarket, etc., Lilv Group's omni-channel layout has been formed, and online platforms are actively expanding. Strengthening brand communication, entering online platforms such as Tmall, JD. COM, Buy Together, Alibaba live broadcast, Tiktok and other social e-commerce platforms are also gradually strengthening, fully penetrate the consumer circle, and achieve brand interaction and superiority.